Chicken Sheds - increase production efficiencies and reduce mortality
              Work environments - reduce the risk of heat stress and improve productivity
       Air Conditioned and Ventilation - maintain optimum comfort levels

MoniTec's unique and versatile platform technology allows automatic optimisation of environments by controlling 'perceived' conditions rather than the as 'measured'. For example, the 'Perceived Temperature' (PT) takes into account the biological responses of animals and people to the physical parameters such as temperature, humidity and air flow.

At the core of MoniTec's platform technology is a set of intelligent decision algorithms, which are capable of taking multiple inputs from sensors, processing the information to produce a set of 'decisions' for controlling environmrntal conditions.

MoniTec's platform technology has wide ranging applications such as: poultry farming, piggeries, fish farms, and air-conditioning/air ventilation systems where environmental data are processed with MoniTec's unique intelligent decision algorithms to generate the appropriate control signal to drive existing controllers.