Selected Feature Articles (pdf)

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Selected Broiler Feature Articles from Auburn University and US Poultry & Egg Association
Controlling the Environment
 Dec 2008 - Management of Litter Build-up.
 Jul 2007 - Keeping Birds Cool, Costs Down in Summertime Heat
  Mar 2007 - Controlling Sidewall Energy Losses
  July 2006 - Big Birds, hot Weather
  May 2006 - Evaporative Colling Performance.
  Mar 2006 - Avoiding wet floors.
  Jan 2006 - Cold weather Inlet Management.
  Mar 2004 - Stopping sweating, condensation and wet houses.
  Jul 2003 - Broiler performance in hot weather.
  Jan 2003 - Dealing with uneven house temperatures in Winter.
  Sep 2002 - Ammonia:Can cause serious losses even when you can't smell it.
  Jan 2002 - Cardinal rules for Wintertime Broiler house ventilation.
  Nov 2001 - Keys to successful brooding.
  Mar 2001 - The impact of environmental management on performance.
  Apr 1999 - Temperature effects on Broilers reference guide. 
  Jul 2008 - Actuated Attic Inlets
  Nov 2004 - Stopping lightning  and other electrical problems.

  Jul 2002 - Standby generator, alarms, backups ready to go?
  Jan 2008 - Evaluating Costs of Tunnel Ventilation Fans
  Nov 2007 - Understanding and Controlling Litter Beatles
  Sept 2007 - The Economic Importance of House and Ventilation Management
  Jan 2007 - Evaluating Cost Trends

Selected Broiler Feature Articles from The University of Georgia.
Controlling the Environment
  Sep 2008 - Why Litter Treatments are a Good Investment.
  Oct 2007 - What Does it Take to Keep Large Broilers Cool During Hot Weather?
  Sep 2007 - Minimizing Poultry House Odors.
Jan 2007 - Evaluating Tunnel Ventillation Performance.
  Mar 2007 - Carbon Monoxide Measuring and monitoring.
  Jan 2007 - Minimum Ventilation Rates.
  Dec 2006 - Reducing AmmoniaLevels During Brooding.
  Aug 2006 - Does Cooling the Water Circulating Over A Pad System Increase Cooling?
  Jul 2006 - Local Thunderstorms and their Effect on Poultry House Cooling
  Jan 2006 - The effect of cool temperature on Broiler performance.

  Jul 2005 - Keeping broilers cool during hot weather.
  Jan 2005 - Boiler stocking Density.
  Jan 2003 - Importance of adequate ventilation on air quality during cold weather. 
Dec 2008 - Alternative Heating Systems.
  Nov 2008 - Best Performing Tunnel Fans.
  Jul 2008 - Thermometers and temperature Sensors Do Not Measure Effective Air Temperature.
  Jun 2008 - Evaporative Cooling Pad Quality Makes a Difference.
  May 2008 - Monitoring Poultry House Power Usage. 
  Jan 2008 - Tunnel Ventilation Broiler House Fan Comparison Spreadsheet.
Jan 2008 - Best Performing Tunnel Fans.