Hot Work Environments

Humidity can be misleading.

Personnal Welfare
In hot humid working environments it is important to guard against heat stress either during outdoor activities in the summer or indoor hot zones such as furnace rooms or bakeries.

Outdoor exercise in hot, humid conditions becomes tiring and in extreme conditions, just sitting is fatiguing. Overheating can cause serious, even life-threatening conditions such as heat stress. People (especially living or working alone), may not be immediately aware of suffering from early symptoms of heat stress. 

The MONEC-6 enhances the capabilities of existing controllers by monitoring the temperature, humidity and wind chill and then provides a signal of people's Perceived Temperature/Stress Level to the existing controller to correct the situation or purely as a display to indicate stress levels.

By controlling the environment according to how people feel in relation to the combined effects of temperature, humidity and wind speed, will reduces stress and improves work efficiencies resulting in overall productivity improvement.

When it comes to monitoring hot environmental climate conditions the new MONEC-5 will provide you with enhanced automated decision making capabilities to control them.

The MONEC-6 is an innovated approach to monitoring and controlling work place environments in general and hot work zones in particular. Using state of the art technology this unique system measures not just temperature and humidity but also calculates the combined effect of these two paratmeters and wind chill to determine optimum environmental conditions for hot working conditions utilising existing control equipment. 

Monitors Perceived Temperature
Combines the effect of temperature, humidity and wind chill over a comprehensive range of environmental conditions.

3 zones monitored
Individually selected or averaged to provide a control signal to the controller.

User Friendly Interface
Options presented in a series of menus.

Single cable sensor connections
Sensors are connected to a single cable running along the lentgh of the work area. Additional sensors can be added without further cable runs.

Sensor holder
Specially designed to protect sensors in production environments as well as integrity of data collected.

Optional Sensors
- Floor moisture
- External weather station

Humidity is the amount of water vapour in the air. For many applications it may be described in terms of relative humidity (RH). Relative humidity is the amount of water vapour in the air compared with the amount of vapour needed to make the air saturate at the air's current temperature. For totally dry air RH = 0 % and for saturated air, RH = 100%.

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Heat Stress
When heat and humidity combine to reduce the amount of evaporation of sweat from the body, physical activity becomes stressful. Overheating can cause serious, even life-threatening conditions such as a heat stroke. The perceived temperature, which is a combination of the temperature and relative humidity, is a guide to the level of discomfort/stress. It is possible to withstand higher temperatures at low humidity than at high humidity, as the evaporative heat loss mechanism (sweating) is inefficient in a humid environment. It is therefore useful and important to monitor the combined effect of temperature and humidity in the form of a single Perceived Temperature.

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  Water Sensor

sensor holder