MoniTec Profile

MoniTec Pty Ltd is an Australian company based in Sydney. It designs, develops, manufactures and supplies advanced computerised intelligent monitoring and control systems, built on the MoniTec’s unique platform technology.

Currently it has, either available or in the process of development, systems for the agricultural and aquaculture sectors - chicken houses, piggeries and fish farms. MoniTec also has control boards for optimising air-conditioning control systems.

MoniTec’s systems are designed to stand alone or interface with existing environmental control equipment, to provide enhanced operational efficiencies.

MoniTec’s Australian government supported  innovative platform technology has been successfully tested in the poultry industry under production conditions and in the control of air conditioner performance.
At the core of the MoniTec technologies is a set of intelligent decision algorithms, which are capable of taking multiple inputs from diverse sources, processing the information to produce a set of “decisions” for implementation. This unique and versatile platform technology can be easily adapted to provide solutions for a range of applications.

The first of the applications based on the MoniTec unique, multi-applications platform technology is the MoniTec solution for the poultry industry. It has been designed to maintain the production environment in chicken houses at the desired level for optimum productivity. The MoniTec system takes in information from conventional sensors, and combines these with in-depth understanding of the interaction of the measured parameters with the biology, physics and chemistry, as applicable, of the targets, to generate an output which defines the environment state, as “perceived” by the targets. This information is then used as the control signal to manage the various input variables via controller to achieve the intended outcome. 

MoniTec’s unique value proposition for the poultry industry is that it can provide significant increases in productivity; weight gain per feed volume. The system also provides additional functionality (data analysis and process consistency) for an investment that has a pay back period of 12 to 18 months. 

The Perceived Temperature is the temperature that is felt and not the temperature as measured directly. Typically as the humidity increases it will appear warmer for the same measured temperature, and similarly, as the wind velocity increases, generated by fans in an enclosed environment, it will feel cooler. Age or weight of human or animal concerned also has a direct bearing on how these parameters are perceived.